What is said about BRIGHT!

Amy / Mother of a BRIGHT! Student

Update from Amy - One of the things that I love about BRIGHT!  is that they tweet pictures throughout the day on Twitter. It gives me a starting point to talk to my child about their day. It also give me a glimpse as to what they are doing in class. Who wouldn't want to see a picture of their child sharing their journal in circle or building a solar system? It is so great! I joined Twitter just because of BRIGHT!

BRIGHT! has been the best school experience! The teachers are warm and welcoming from the very first day. Teacher Glenn, teacher Erica and teacher Dena teach and guide the children with their hearts. When I think about what kind of child I want to raise, I can thank BRIGHT! for helping me nurture a global aware and environmentally conscience daughter. Each day, she is so excited to get to school. She skips in and says hi to all of her friends. While there, she has learned how to be a member of a community. They work, they play and discover as a team. BRIGHT! encourages children to be independent and curious. When we pick her up, she is always smiling and ready to tell us all about the latest project that she did in school. While our daughter was there, we had our 3rd child. The families brought us meals. They would pick up and drop off Sophie. They basically did whatever they could to make having a newborn easier. It was so kind of the families. Sophie was so glad that she didn't have to miss any days of school! With the care from the teachers, the classroom tools and the supportive families, BRIGHT! has created a joy for learning in our child. We could not be more thankful!

Allison & Tim / Parents of a BRIGHT! Student

When it came time for Evelyn's second year of preschool, there was no hesitation to send her to BRIGHT! again.  In fact, we had no desire to even look at another school.  Prior to attending BRIGHT!, she had the typical problems with social interaction.  Now she recognizes personal boundaries, exercises patience with others and works much better in a group setting.  The learning atmosphere fosters independence and growth in a very individualized fashion.  Our daughter has not only gained appropriate social skills, but also has been challenged to think for herself.  Teacher Glenn and Teacher Erica both nurture the students and challenge them to find their own answer or solution to their questions and problems.  I often hear them say to students, "how can we handle that?"  This encouragement to think for themselves, rather than to be given all of the answers, is such an important life skill.  When Evelyn is at school, we rest assured knowing that she is getting the love, attention and challenge she needs to prepare her for any school we choose to send her to next.  BRIGHT! school, and it's teachers, have been a gift to our entire family.

Debi / Mother of a BRIGHT! Student

My daughter Mia was so excited about starting school and when I found Bright! I thought that the self-directed atmosphere, value on emotional validation, and emphasis on inviting children to learn when they are ready, was an amazing fit for my girl. I was surprised when Mia had a difficult time in her transition to preschool as she had seemed so confident and excited about the experience. Teacher Glenn and Teacher Erica both gave my family such support during this challenging time. On days when drop off was more difficult, Glenn texted me and called me to let me know how Mia was doing throughout the day. I even received little pictures of Mia having fun at school to reassure me that she was adjusting well. I had many phone and email conversations with Glenn about helping Mia (and our family) through this transition and I always felt valued and supported. Now Mia is thriving, loves school, and always has a “great” day when we pick her up. I am certain that the individual support that Glenn and Erica gave to Mia and our family were important factors in why this has been such a wonderful experience and why Bright! is the right fit for our family.

Traci / Mother of BRIGHT! Student

When we first saw Bright! and met Glenn at one of their open houses, I sensed that the school would be a great fit for our son, Keoki.  It was very cozy and thoughtfully designed for little ones.  Glenn's genuine kindness and enthusiasm were so obvious--he has an innate ability to connect with kids that is quite special. My first impressions of Bright! held true as my son loved going to school at Bright! from his first day there.   Any fears I had about Keoki's transition to preschool quickly faded as we found ourselves having to coax him to come home at the end of school day. Both Glenn and Erica provided a welcoming environment that fostered Keoki's imagination and made learning so much fun.  We would enthusiastically recommend Bright! to any parent.

Beatrice / Mother of BRIGHT! Student

We arrived in February and had the great luck to find one opening at BRIGHT! for our son Matthieu. We were a very special case as we came directly from Paris, France and our son didn't speak English at all when he arrived. So the language issue was added on top of moving to another-and completely different-place just 3 months after his baby sister was born. Still he's been enjoying and thriving at school from his very first day, thanks to fantastic teacher Glenn and Ms Erica. And now (after 8 months minus the summer vacation) he can count in English better than he does in French (and we've been trying :). No need to say now he understands and speaks English. Moreover he runs to school, he loves it (so do we!), he enjoys learning there, and playing there. Everything is done for the kids to feel secure and good, and they're of course willing to participate and they learn almost without noticing it. Glenn and Lorri manage to value each kid individually while running group/team work activities. Bravo et merci!

Janey / Mother of BRIGHT! Student

BRIGHT was an amazing experience for my daughter, Olivia.   Glenn has created such a wonderfully warm, inviting, fun environment for the kids.   Olivia had difficult separation anxiety at her previous preschool.  The difference was on Day 1 when we started at BRIGHT.  Olivia responded right away to the high energy, safe and fun loving environment.   Her love of school came from this experience.  Glenn and Lorri both have this amazing ability to understand, listen and know each child.   BRIGHT incorporates a strong educational curriculum with positive reinforcement of social behaviors so critical, during these early preschool years.   We loved that Olivia came home with the most interesting science and art projects.  Olivia gained so much confidence and independence during her time at BRIGHT!  Thank you!

Tina / Mother of BRIGHT! Student

At the start of the year I experienced some anxiety and nervousness at the prospect of my 2 and 1/2 yr attending preschool, but those worries quickly receded after I witnessed the care and attentiveness of the teachers.  Glenn and Erica made my child feel comfortable immediately, and with their leadership I have seen my child's confidence and empathy towards others grow.  I love the dancing, the art projects, the park/outdoor time, and the smiles I see on every child every day!  I would recommend Bright! to any parent I know because you can trust in the dedication of the teachers, the philosophy of the school, and the social enhancement of your child.

Bella / Mother of two BRIGHT! Students

I feel fortunate to have both my son and daughter at Bright Preschool.  Glenn and his assistant Erica are amazing with kids.  They are attuned to their emotional, social and educational needs. I have watched my kids learn how to share and work together while improving their cognitive skills.  For our family the most valuable thing about Bright is how much our children love to go to school.  They ask us everyday "when can we go see Teacher Glenn" .  Another thing that makes Bright unique is the amount of physical activity and outdoor play. The schools location, adjacent to Madison Park, provides for a wonderful outdoor exploration for the kids.

Mother of BRIGHT! Student and Educator

My family and I moved to Seattle from Chicago in September of this year.  I was really anxious about finding a preschool for my son, not wanting him to miss out on any of the school year.  I also knew that with all of the changes we had going on in our lives, a warm and supportive preschool would really help give him the security and structure he needed to adapt to his new life.  I couldn't have asked for a better fit than Bright!  Teacher Glenn and Miss Lorri are both wonderful with the kids;  you can feel the warmth the minute you walk into the school.  I firmly believe that people are natural born teachers and they both have the gift.   I continue to be impressed with how they interact with the kids, value their interests and ideas, celebrate their individual personalities, and support learning through play.

Adam & Xiomara / Parents of BRIGHT! Student

I've already recommended Glenn and his program at Bright! In the Park to my best friend who grew up with me in Seattle.  My wife and I love the dedicated weekly programming they offer and we've seen our son's vocabulary and socialization improve tremendously over just the summer portion - we can't wait for the full school year. Most importantly, our son loves the other students and the activities they have at Bright! and we look forward to some connections with the other parents over the course of the school year.