BRIGHT! philosophy

There is no better time to be involved with a child's development than the early preschool years.

At this time, each child's unique set of experiences and his/her innate learning processes are at an ideal stage for natural development through experience, exploration and self direction. When children feel safe, protected, and supported in a learning environment, they excel. Preschool is a wonderful time to see each child develop an understanding of his/her world around them.

At BRIGHT!, we're focused on providing an enriching environment where your child feels the support and comfort to explore. Children learn by doing, and play is their work. By providing the tools and a child centered curriculum, they have the opportunity to make choices from a wide variety of activities that stimulate their natural curiosity and increase their confidence. With a safe and inviting learning environment, children are exposed to, and relish in, an array of mind-on & hands-on experiences. We focus on the process of learning by providing open-ended, self directed activities that engage a child’s curiosity and foster growth and development; physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.
All children have the natural ability to learn.  We strive to provide the best environment to foster that learning for BRIGHT! young minds and bodies.

BRIGHT! process

The principles of early childhood education involve may aspects to achieve appropriate curriculum objects. In order to meet our goals, we intentionally set up and operate our program to support positive interactions and relationships with adults, encourage and support social-emotional intelligence, purposeful play, physical interactions, and teacher-family partnerships to promote learning and development. Just a few examples of the process are below:

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Through daily play and activities, BRIGHT! children learn about problem solving, self-reliance, team work, and other key skills needed in Kindergarten. We encourage both emotional intelligence and social intelligence.
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BRIGHT! children take ownership of sharing. Children learn there are several ways to share with friends. Turn timers are a favorite, along with trading, waiting, and team play. When children are giving ownership of this process, and tools to solve problems, they quickly learn about their own abilities, increasing self-worth.
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Team work in action. Our children learn that friends are also resources. Frequently personal obstacles are directed to the group allowing children to creatively solve problems with the help of others. A life long skill.
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BRIGHT! children are encouraged to think independently. There is very little “telling” at BRIGHT! Through the use of “Thinking Statements”, children are giving the opportunity to use their own mental abilities. When you believe in children, it’s amazing what they can do. “How would YOU solve this problem?” is a favorite BRIGHT! phrase.

Memberships & Professional Associations

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